12/26/2018: A Practice That Your Body Won’t Forget

I set off to winter break practice at 10:00 am this morning. I had no clue as to what I was getting myself into. I arrived in Venice Fl. around 11:00 am. I got my warm up in and my coach informs me that I am doing 8×200’s at a 30 second pace. To all the sprinters out there, this is a slow pace. Keep in mind that I am a distance runner just coming off of cross country training. My first few felt great. My form was on point. Then, I got to a turning point. My form was still good, I just felt awful. My hamstrings were tight and recovery was getting much harder. I pushed through and stayed on my mark. All together a great practice. Time for me to recover for my 5 mile race on 12/29/18.

200 Meter Splits

  • 1st: 29:02
  • 2nd: 29:20
  • 3rd: 29:10
  • 4th: 30:03
  • 5th: 30:26
  • 6th: 30:64
  • 7th: 30:32
  • 8th: 30:48

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