Under Armour Miler Pro 2 Review

  • Manufacturer: Under Armour
  • Model: Miler Pro 2
  • Weight: 4 7/8 ounces
  • Suggested Events: 800m-3200m

Hey everyone. Today I am doing a review on some brand new Under Armour Miler Pro 2 track spikes. I just got these for my upcoming track season and hope to see amazing results. Lets go ahead and get started.

First off, lets take a look at the upper. I love this shoe because it features a knit upper to reduce the weight and it promotes airflow. I’m hoping that it’s durable enough to last through the season though.

Next, I would like to take note of the back of the shoe. It has some pretty nice padding to cushion the back of your heel. This is great for middle distance runners to protect their feet from blisters.

Moving along to the bottom. I absolutely love the gold spike plate. I honestly think it just completes the look. It is a basic 6 spike setup, but what separates this spike plate from the rest is the built in traction (as you can see in the above picture).

Another great feature of this shoe is the heel. It is actually quite padded for track spikes. This is great for me because I constantly get injured from lack of support. In addition to the padding, the bottom has some built in traction to keep you from sliding around the wet track.

I would have to say that this is my favorite part of the shoe. It actually forces you to run on the balls of your feet. This is exactly where you need to be. If you want more information on the importance of running on the balls of your feet, check out my proper running form blog here.

To conclude this review, I would definitely give this shoe a 5 star rating. The overall look is just fantastic. I’m hoping I feel the same way when I field test them. I hope to get a chance to do that soon, and when I do, I will post a video. I hope you enjoyed the review. If you would like to get updates on future blog posts, please subscribe. You can do so by scrolling to the top, and follow the instructions given on the right side (if on computer) or scroll down below the comment section (if on cell phone).

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