This Workout Will Greatly Improve Your Mile Time

What if you could greatly improve your race time by adding one training component that takes 15 minutes or less once or twice a week? You would probably think I was lying. Well, I have good news for you. A training method like this does indeed exist. The miracle method is simply short, intense, intervals.

The 1600 meter (1 mile) event is an extremely brutal event. It isn’t exactly easy to run 4 laps as fast as you can. Training for it is even harder. You have to train for, what I call, speed endurance. In other words, running as fast as you can for as long as you can. I wasn’t quite sure how to achieve this, so I did some research. I found hundreds of workouts that claimed they were the greatest, but when I tried them, they just did’t really fit me. Finally, I found a workout that sounded amazing. I tried it out for a few week, and it has greatly helped my speed endurance. What’s really great about it is it only takes about 15 minutes, yet you still feel like you accomplished something great. That’s because you have.

Track Examples: Pace should be your goal mile time

  • 8-16 x 200m w/ 100-200m jog
  • 7-14 x 300m w/ 200-300m jog
  • 6-12 x 400m w/ 200-400m jog

Fartlek Examples: Pace is fast, but controlled

  • 8-16 x 30 seconds fast w/ 30-60 seconds easy
  • 7-14 x 45 seconds fast w/ 45-90 seconds easy
  • 6-12 x 60 seconds fast w/ 60-90 seconds easy

This type of training works great for many reasons. It’s a great way to develop speed, but the main reason it’s so great for distance runners is because it forces your body to recover under stress. This is what will give you the speed endurance. If you want more information about this training, click here.

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