Workout of the Month (Track)

Welcome to a new series. Once a month, I will post my favorite workouts that I use to train for the 800 meter run. This months workout is a track run. Monthly workouts should be completed once a week.

Warm Up

Start out with a nice and easy jog for 800 meters (2 laps). Then move into your dynamic stretching. Don’t know what to do? Check out my Complete Stretching Guide For Runners post. Once you’re nice and loose, it’s time to move into the actual workout.

The Workout

What your going to do is 2 sets of 4×200 with a 200 meter jog in between each 200. Rest 5 minutes between sets. Don’t sit down though. Keep walking and stretch where needed.

The pace for your 200 run should be your 800 meter goal pace. Not your current pace and not your 200 meter sprint pace. For example, if you are trying to break 2:00, you need to run your 200’s consistently at about 29 seconds. Noticed how I used the word “consistently”? This is the key to running a good 800. You need to be consistent in your training. It does no good if you go all out and run the first set of 200’s at 27 seconds for each 200 and then 35 to 40 per 200 for the second set. Keep within your goal pace.

For the 200 meter rest, you should run that at your current 5k time. This part isn’t quite as important to keep consistent. The point of this jogging portion is to just keep your heart rare up to build speed endurance.

Make sure you comment and leave some feedback. Let me know how the workout goes for you. Personally, this is my favorite track workout that I’ve ever done. Don’t forget to share this to everyone you know. Subscribe to get notified for future posts. As always, run 120.

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